Negotiators (Real Estate) Pty Ltd is a specialist in the local marketplace providing professional property management advice and successfully administers a diverse portfolio of retail and commercial holdings.

In managing property Negotiators adopt a ‘hands on’ approach and as necessary will attend to any on-site requirements at short notice.

Should you employ our firm to manage your investment property you can expect the day to day management control to be handled by your allocated Asset Facilities Manager and all is overseen by our firms Senior Asset Facilities Manager.

The Property Managers work as a team and (amongst others) their duties include:

  • Interaction with the building owners or their nominated representative as and when required.
  • Liaise with Tenants for all property related matters.
  • Collection of rental payable and any other charges – Tenants are issued with a detailed monthly tax invoice (in advance, ie. approximately ten (10) days prior to rental falling due) with GST to be shown as a separate amount on that invoice. Our invoices are compliant with current taxation legislation, showing the registered proprietors ABN etc.
  • Attending to all rental reviews, lease expirations and attend to any applications for lease Assignment and sub-letting applications.
  • Attending to the payment of all authorised accounts.
  • Attend to all insurance matters, including claims and vetting of renewal advice.
  • Attending to all maintenance requests, only after investigating issue in hand. Unless urgent, Tenants are requested to convey any maintenance issues in writing.
  • Control and monitoring of service and maintenance contracts to ensure highest efficiency and cost effectiveness.
  • Attend to final inspections (where necessary) and follow up make-good provisions at determination.
  • Maintain all necessary records.
  • Providing detailed monthly (and other) financial and written reports.
  • Provide advice and take all necessary action for recovery of any arrears - our firm has a strict arrears policy in place.
  • Preparing annual operating budgets (in consultation with the client) and undertake internal outgoings reconciliations, where required.
  • Each and every month (or as otherwise directed) provide fully detailed income/expenditure statements distributing net rental and outgoings and GST recovered and paid in accordance with written instructions, accompanied by the originals of any account paid and copy of any tenancy correspondence received or sent.
  • Verification of values assigned by the Valuer General and/or the Local Council and where necessary lodgement of objections and negotiations with authorities to protect your Investment.

We have many satisfied clients and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the professional and solid work ethic of our property management team.